Codeneric is a two-man company that develops software for individuals and companies. Both team members are passionate software developers and always up to date about all new innovations in their specific field of operation. While Denis loves to solve complex programming tasks which require a strong theoretical knowledge, Alex takes care of a great feel and look of the final product. Since their developer skill sets are very distinct and supplement each other, Codeneric provides a high quality standard in a broad spectrum of software development.

Denis is a co-founder and back-end developer of Codeneric. He has a Master of Science degree in computer science from the University RWTH Aachen, Germany. Since his first contact with software development at an early age, he furthered his programming and software design skills until today. Having solid knowledge in the field of database and network designs, Denis always finds an efficient and well suited solution for your purpose.

Alex is the front-end developer and a co-founder of Codeneric. His creative mind and his eye for simple, yet appealing layouts are a fundamental trademark of Codeneric’s products that incorporate modern design as well as a delightful user experience. He always is up to date with the most modern web technologies and utilises his profound knowledge of frameworks like AngularJS and React to create top-notch web applications.

  • Alex Schwabauer
    Alex Schwabauer Front-End Developer
  • Denis Golovin
    Denis Golovin Back-End Developer
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