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Installation & Updating

Photography Management and Photography Management Premium are installed like any other WordPress plugin:

  1. Download the plugin zip files (base and premium)
  2. Login to your admin dashboard
  3. Click on Plugins ⇒ Add new ⇒ Upload plugin
  4. Upload the base plugin zip file and activate the plugin
  5. Upload the premium plugin zip file and activate the plugin

Please note that the base and the premium plugin have to be installed and activated if you want to use the premium version.

Follow these steps to update the base and premium plugin:

  1. Login to your admin dashboard
  2. Click on Plugins
  3. Press Update now button of the base plugin if you see it, otherwise you might have the latest version
  4. Refresh the page and follow step 3 for the premium plugin

Alternatively, you can delete the base and premium plugin and follow the installation steps above. You will not lose any project or client data, despite the warning of WordPress.


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