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Photography Management has a number of settings that are applied globally to all clients and projects. They can be found under Photography Management ⇒ Settings. Let us explain what every setting does.


Please refer to the Photography Management Pages documentation for more details on the Pages settings.

Fullscreen slider

Photography Management comes with a simple but performant full screen slider that is optimized for displaying high resolution images quickly. When enabled, clicking on an image in the project view will open the slider. We recommend leaving this setting enabled.

Slider theme

You decide whether the background of the lightbox should be dark or light, depending on your aesthetic taste and the style of your website.

Page template

A major aim of  PHMM is that it integrates perfectly into the rest of your website in terms of look and feel. To accomplish this, PHMM needs a little bit of help from you. You need to tell it which template to use when embedding the client and project gallery into your website. These templates are identical to the option on the right when creating a new WordPress page.

The options for this setting will change whenever you change your theme, because they are unique to each theme. Please make sure to update this setting after changing your theme.

We highly recommend that you select a template offered by your theme in order to achieve the same look as the rest of of your website. However, if none of these templates seem to work for you, we give you the option of a PHMM custom template design.

Hide admin bar

By default, WordPress shows a dark admin bar at the very top of every page for every logged in user. This also applies to your clients when they login to their gallery. Most of the time this is not a desirable feature. Disable it with this setting.

Custom CSS

If you want to tweak the appearance of any PHMM page, you can insert your custom CSS code here.

Portal Page (Client Login Page since v4.4.0)

Learn more about Photography Management pages.

This setting is a convenient way of placing a global login form on one of your pages. If a client logs in via this form, she will see an overview of her projects. We also provide the shortcode [cc_phmm_portal] such that you can add the login form anywhere you want.  Learn more about shortcodes for further details.

Accent color

Use this setting to adjust the color of PHMM related user interfaces, such as proofing buttons and background color of comments.

Canned email

You can define multiple template emails which you send often to your clients. Those emails can have the following placeholders:

  • [client-name]
  • [username]
  • [password]
  • [link-to-projects]

These placeholders are replaced with the respective information before the email is send to the client.

Maximum download ZIP size

If a projects contains a lot of images the download ZIP file is split into multiple smaller ZIP files. This setting determines how big a ZIP file can get. We recommend to set it to 4000 MB.

Remove images on project deletion

Enable this setting to remove a project’s images with the deletion of the project. If this setting is disabled, you have to remove the images manually when they are not used anymore.


You can set a non-destructive watermark image, its position and scale in this setting. The watermark is not applied to your images after configuring it in the plugin settings, you have to enable it per project (or client).

Notification recipients

Whenever a client

  • proofs images,
  • comments on an image

PHMM sends a notification to all email addresses defined in this setting.

Expert Mode

Photography Management offers you the expert-mode to be able to configure your clients and galleries (or called ‘projects’ in expert-mode) more fine-grained.

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