The Interactions page is the central place for viewing proofs and see and respond to comments. The page can be found in the WordPress Admin Dashboard under Photography Management ⇒ Interactions.
Working with the Interactions page is very simple:

First, select the client you want to view. If the selected client has never proofed or commented any project, you will see “No data to display“, otherwise a stack of ordered cards will show up.
They are separated by Labels (Proofs) and Comments.

There will always be a client named “Guest”
This client represents all proofs and comments done by guest users. Note that

Each card represents a project where the client performed an action. The project name, type of action and more is visible on the card.
Clicking a card will expand it with further details.


Opening a card that refers to a proofing of the client will show the images that have been proofed by the client. Furthermore, an Export list button will download a .csv file with all information of the proofed images necessary, such as original filename, WordPress attachement ID and client id.

Pro tip for Adobe Lightroom users:
You can use the list of filenames to create a selection with only the proofed images. You just need to transform the filename column to a comma separated list (e.g. with this online tool). Then, copy and paste that list into Lightrooms Text Filter in the cataloge of the shoot. Make sure to switch Contains All to Contains.


In the comments section, each card represents an image that has been commented by the client. When clicking Open, the chat history pops up. This is also the place to write an answer, which will be displayed to the client in the gallery.

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