A project represents a set of images that you ultimately want to display as a gallery on your website. This could be a portfolio of your best shots, a wedding shooting or any other use case of a gallery that you can think of. It is important to note that, initially, a project is not assigned to any client. In fact, a project can be useful without ever assigning it to a client, namely as a public gallery. This public gallery could be on your landing page where everyone has access to it. It is also possible to have a public password protected gallery. Read more here on protecting projects.


With Photography Management you have a lot of flexibility adjusting projects to your needs. In the following we want to explain each setting in detail.


This option manages the accessibility of the project, i.e. who can see it and who can not. The default setting is public. This means everyone can see the the project without any password protection.

Switching the project access to private makes it impossible to view without a login. Furthermore, another option, guest mode pops up. In private mode you have fine grain control over the level of security. In order to explain the levels, the following demonstrates all possible scenarios :

  1. Project is set to private mode, with guest mode OFF and NO clients assigned.
    • This state is pretty much useless as no one can ever access the project. Usually this is a temporary state before you assign a client to the project
  2. Project is set to private mode, with guest mode ON and NO clients assigned.
    • With these settings you get a password protected gallery. No user login credentials are needed, as long as the visitor knows the guest password. This setting might be useful when you have a gallery with no definite client, but rather a group of people that you want to share it with.
  3. Project is set to private mode, with guest mode OFF and SOME clients assigned.
    • This setting probably applies to the majority of use cases. With this you get a protected gallery where only the assigned clients have access to, via their own login credentials. Note that you can assign more than one clients to a project! Ideas for use cases for this can be found in the Workflows docs.
  4. Project is set to private mode, with guest mode ON and SOME clients assigned.
    • This setting is an extension of (3). Likewise, clients are able to view the project using their own login credentials. Apart from this, visitors have the option to access the gallery via password. As above, the Workflows docs give more information on why this might be useful.



Enable this to display the captions of your images in the gallery. Refer to this article if you do not know how to add captions to an image in WordPress.


Enable to display filenames under each image. If you intend to use this for communication with your client (choosing favorite photos), please use the Proofing feature instead. It has been specifically made for this reason.


Enables the watermark for this gallery. Note that this setting will do nothing if you have not set up a watermark in the global settings.
The watermark is dynamically applied to your images, which means that your images are not altered and remain untouched. Photography Management simply overlays the watermark above the image in a secure manner.


Photo Proofing

This is an essential core feature of Photography Management. When enabled, users who have access to the gallery can select their favorite images. This process is called photo proofing. You can review their proofs on the Interaction page.
Things to note:

  • Guest visitors can also proof images if this setting is enabled. However, because guests do not have an user account on your website, the proofing is assigned to a Guest User. Because of this, different guests can overwrite each others selections, since Photography Management has no way of differentiating them. The selection of logged in clients, however, can never be seen or overwritten by guests.

Comments 🔒

This is a premium feature.

Another useful tool for communicating with the client is the comment functionality. When enabled, visitors with access to the project can comment on individual images. You can view and answer the comment on the Interaction page.

Things to note:

  • Similarly to photo proofing, guests can see comments of other guests and your answers. Your communication with logged in clients is always private and limited to you and the client.

Prevent right click

This option prevents that the operating system specific dialog box pops up when right clicking. This is a way of discouraging the download of of your images. Please note that this is a superficial barrier and by no means a safe security. People with minor technical knowledge can very easily bypass this barrier. The only secure way of restricting downloads of your images is by password or client login.


When enabled, you give the client/guest the possibility to download your images. To control which images can be downloaded, this setting has three options: Download all images, download proofed images and download single images. These options are not exclusive – you can combine them in any way you want.

Note that currently, the download feature does not work for Safari on iOS and IE (see here). Unfortunately, this is a browser issue and nothing we can fix on our end. We need to wait until the browsers implement the functionality.

The heart of the project page is the gallery at the very bottom. Here you can upload, select, delete and reorder images for the gallery. You can order image automatically by clicking the Order button. Currently, Photography Management supports ordering randomly, by name, by caption and reverse the current order. Additionally, you can reorder images manually by drag and drop. For this just click and drag the lower left handle found under each image.

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