Note, database optimization is a premium feature

All view and click events tracked by Ultimate Ads Manager are stored in a SQL database on your server.
Although we do our best to provide a good tradeoff between server space/execution time and useful statistics queries, your database will grow over time. If you have a high traffic site or you use Ultimate Ads Manager for quite a while the database becomes quite huge and possibly slow.
Thus, we implemented the database optimization feature. It gets rid of unnecessary data for you automatically. However, you should note that you will lose accuracy for past events in order to shrink the database, since we do not store really unnecessary data in the first place.

The optimization rather decreases the data’s accuracy, so you are still able to ask quite interesting questions, even about click and view events which happened long ago.
We will not consider what exactly “decreasing the data’s accuracy” means, but rather get an intuitive feel for it and point out its implications.
All the optimizations are only applied to the events which are older than the value you configured in the settings. Thus, the latest events are as accurate as they can be.

Time Trimming

The optimization process always decreases the accuracy of the time stamps of the events. In particular it cuts off the time and only stores the date for each event. So if a click event happend at 2017-05-01 01:10:59 the optimization process trims this value to 2017-05-01. This alone does not cause any space optimizations, but it yields some interesting mathematical properties which are used by Ultimate Ads Manager to magically decrease the database size.


As elaborated in the section above, the optimization process decreases the data-accuracy to gain space performance. We call the more strict version of decreasing the accuracy forgetting. We implemented a mechanism which lets Ultimate Ads Manager forget certain properties about the events to decrease the occupied disk space, but still be able to ask Ultimate Ads Manager questions about the events. Currently,  Ultimate Ads Manager provides the three properties uniqueness, place and IP which it can forget.

Forgetting Uniqueness

If you want Ultimate Ads Manager to forget about uniqueness, then it will do exactly that. It will not be able to determine whether or not somebody viewed/clicked an advert twice during the time interval which was optimized while decreasing database size. Additionally, the statistics for the total clicks and views will stay accurate. You should also select the IP option to take full advantage of this feature.

Forgetting Places

If you use places, then Ultimate Ads Manager also tracks where an event happened on your site. This information can be very useful when you want to evaluate the goodness of your advertisement locations. However, this might not be interesting for you at all. If so, we recommend to let Ultimate Ads Manager forget about the places associated with the events.

Deleting Events

The most efficient method to optimize the database is to simply delete old events. You can set an age threshold for the events which should be deleted. For example you could set it to 365 days to delete every event which is at least a year old.

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