Define places where to display adverts

place represents a location somewhere on your WordPress site, which can contain an advert or a group. The main idea behind places is that most people have predefined locations on their site where adverts are shown. So we do not always want to decide where every advert is displayed exactly, but rather we want to say where possible advertising locations (or places) are. Thus, the system should figure out where to display which advert on its own. In a nutshell, places are a convenient tool to automate the process of displaying adverts, but are not mandatory.

How adverts are automated by Ultimate Ads Manager

Places choose their display candidates (adverts) intelligently, i.e. adverts are only shown in a place if the advert

  • is of right form,
  • is published,
  • is not expired,
  • has already started,
  • has still views and clicks left.


Utilize categories to control advert automation

Places can have a set of categories, which are used to control the display candidates of a place. The main idea behind categories is that we sometimes want to display adverts at strategically good places. E.g. we might have a couple of posts about healthy food and the advert about a new kind of diet should be displayed there. This is achieved by inserting places at these posts and tag them with a category nutrition. Then every advert with the same category is displayed there more likely. This also holds for adverts which are created in the future and tagged with the category nutrition.


Show UAM where to place adverts

Using places is very easy. Simply go to UAM ⇒ Places and create a place and select a set of possible forms which should be displayed at this particular place. Then publish the place and copy the shortcode, which looks similar to [uam_place id="42"]. Now you can insert this shortcode anywhere on your site, e.g. in a post or page.

In general it is better to use a place shortcode only at one location. The main reasons are that

  • a place is intended to represent a specific location on your site,
  • you can collect statistics about the goodness of specific locations on your site.
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